Insurance Rating

Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue is rated as a Class 5 department by the Insurance Commission. Departments in North Carolina are rated based on a number of items, including equipment, water sources, manpower, and mutual aid departments.

We work hard to keep our rating low, thus saving our citizens money on their home owners insurance. Make sure your insurance provider has our rating noted on your policy.

Tax Rate

Each department receives monies collected from property tax. These funds cover the operation of our department, including salaries, equipment, and maintenance.

We also have a fireman's fund that consists of donations and monies made from fund raising events. These funds are used to assist fireman in time of need and to purchase some items used at the fire department.

Our current tax rate is $ .09 for each $ 100 of taxable property worth. This tax generated over $834,000 last year. This revenue is spent on firemen's salary, equipment, and maintenance.

Your $ .09 tax rate is refunded handsomely in insurance rate reductions (due to our Class 5 rating) if you own a home.

Fire Prevention

Blue Ridge Fire & Rescue owns one of the most powerful tools in the education of children in Fire Safety. The "FIRE SAFETY HOUSE" is a large trailer replica of a home that children can walk through and explore.

The house includes a living room with fireplace, a kitchen, and a bedroom. Children learn about various home hazards such as matches left out in the open, worn electrical cords, kitchen grease fires and hot stoves and pots, and how to escape a burning house.

The house is taken to all the elementary schools in our district as well as carnivals and fairs. To find out more about a visit to the FIRE SAFETY HOUSE call the station at 828-692-4416.

Burning Permits

Thinking of Burning Leaves or Brush ?

  1. Check the following link for rules regarding burning in North Carolina:
  2. If you need a burning permit, follow this link:
  3. Consider the weather. Don't burn leaves on a windy day or when conditions are extremely dry. Also consider prolonged weather conditions, such as a drought, when deciding whether to burn leaves.
  4. Clear leaves, weeds, brush and other vegetation at least 30 feet from your home; never pile leaves close to the home. If you bag your leaves, store bags away from your home.
  5. Keep a water hose nearby to put out any stray flames or sparks.


Reflective Street / Mailbox Signs

These signs may be used on mailboxes or mounted on poles as shown. These signs are highly visible day or night, are reflective on both sides, and are fade resistant and will last for years. These signs are available for a donation of $15. Stop by Station One today or call us at 828-692-4416.