Founded in 1958, our department started out with a handful of volunteers. With no station, the fire trucks were kept in a volunteer's yard. In 1960, the firemen erected our first firehouse at the intersection of Spartanburg Highway and Crest Road. At that time Spartanburg Highway was the main route to Spartanburg from Hendersonville.

An addition was completed in the early seventies giving us three more bays and an upstairs meeting room and office.

In the mid eighties, another addition gave us three double bays along with a large day room, a large kitchen, sleeping quarters, showers, and several offices.

A few years ago, we completed a renovation replacing our downstairs offices. We now have 5 single bays and 3 double bays in the main building, with an additional 4 bays in another building on the property. On the second story we house 4 bedrooms, showers, rest rooms, a workout room, a recreation room, a large kitchen, a day room, and our main meeting room